World cbd conference

The “World CBD Conferences” have been created with the intention of bringing attendees to the news, novelties, legality, advances and medical and industrial applications in the field of cannabidiol (CBD).

The talks of the event will be structured in different thematic blocks (all of them in forum format, where attendees can interact with the lecturers) and it will also be starred by professionals and experts in different fields giving individual talks.

We are living at a crucial moment for the CBD industry based on the recent assertions of the World Health Organization (WHO), an international body that has stated that CBD is neither addictive nor harmful to health; and which, in addition, has many therapeutic properties.

According to the WHO, there is preliminary evidence that CBD can be a useful treatment in many medical illnesses: epilepsy, anxiety, depression, cancer, psychosis, inflammatory diseases, arthritis, infections, cardiovascular diseases, diabetic complications, pains, nausea and diseases of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or Huntington’s, among others.

The main issues to be discussed at the World CBD Conference will be: national and international legality of the CBD, industry and investment opportunities, the scientific perspectives on cannabidiol uses and its medical use together with the opinions of medicinal users.

The World CBD Conference aims to become an event of international impact and a reference point meeting for the European market.

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