The CBD HEMP FAIR will have a stage where several artists of different musical styles will bring rhythm to the outdoor area



Friday 7 – 11:00h

Musician based in Barcelona. Student and lover of many tribal and sacred rhythms from ancient parts of the world. Contributing to the scenes with mixes and with own musical creations. Involved in playing music whether playing instrumental or from dj-decks, performing around the world from chillout to psytrance, from autoproductions to live band exhibitions. 
Mixed style of tribal rhythms and organic tunes, ethnic instruments and cutting edge synthesizers. Deep full basses. Enjoyment and Love. For the Music. Ancient Tribal journey from the future…and from the heart!
Hang concert performer. Opening and Closing the Dancefloor, mixing abilities in different combinations.

NaaN played out at various international psychedelic festivals including MODEM (Croatia), Shankra Festival and Sunner Never Ends (Switzerland), Own Spirit Festival (Spain), Triplicity Festival (UK) and Anthropos Festival (UK), Blackmoon (Italy), Sonica (Italy), 7 Chakras (Italy) and Atman Festival (Sri Lanka), but also in many other festivals and events across UK, Italy, Spain, India and so on…

Been part of Malatucada, a batucada street band, Pendola Ensemble, a percussion based street band and FlagFire, a juggling company. Involved in Urban Shaman Movement, a collective of artists performing shamanic drumming, singing and playing for shamanic trance dance. Half of a duo-project with Heidi Joubert called “HangBox”. Didjeridoo enthusiast.


Friday 7 – 12,30h

Mr. Manley a.k.a The Big Man is a DJ from Mataró active since 2005, as well as founder and creator of the Sound System Big Man Sound.

A great collector of vinyls with Jamaican roots, his dynamic sessions go from old times like Roots Reggae, Ska, Rub a Dub to more modern sounds like Dancehall, Jungle or Moombah. All this accompanied by his special Dubplates, also Bigtunes that never lose their magic despite the years and the tracks that are making the dancefloor vibrate lately.

Versatile on the plates thanks to his knowledge of mixing and Scratch, Mr Manley offers a fun show that connects with the audience.


Friday 7 – 14:00h 

Morgana Souljah, musician based in Gredos and of Basque origin, stands out for her facets as a selectress, instrumentalist and vocalist. 

Influenced since she was a child by Afro-Caribbean rhythms and focused on reggae/dub music since 2015.

Active selector, she participates and collaborates in different events and with various collectives of the national sound system scene, as well as in festivals such as International Dub Gathering in its last edition.

A staunch lover of Roots & Culture and Sound System, her activity is currently focused on recording vocals and melodies in the studio, creating references both on vinyl and digital in collaboration with powerful producers of the genre such as Kai Dub, Stepwizer or Albert Ites.

At the same time, she promotes Reggae culture in Ávila through the already consolidated Cherry Dub collective, which has been active for almost 10 years


Friday 7 – 16:00h

Paula Bu. Vocalist and lyricist. Barcelona. She began his vocal career when she was very young and through the Gospel. Strongly influenced by Soul and R&B, it brings a powerful and elegant touch to the rhythmic patterns typical of Jamaican music and Hip Hop. No matter the style or format: on vinyl or digital, in acoustic or with The Same Song Band, and sharpening the microphones of the best sound systems and stages of the scene.


Friday 7 – 17:30h

Sr. Wilson is considered one of the most respected artists in the Reggae/Dub/Urban genere and without a doubt one of the most influential artists in Catalonia, with a long experience in the international scene, participating in some of the most important festivals at European level: Garance Reggae Festival, Reggae Sun Ska, Overjam, Uprising Festival, Outlook Festival, Positive Vibration Fest as well as performances in USA, Canada, Japan, Mexico and Colombia.

Nowadays, Sr. Wilson faces his career with a fresh look to the influences of the most current sounds and trends: Afrobeats, “Boom Bap” or even influences in the field of Trap, working hard to get closer and closer to a very personal yet fresh and current sound, as demonstrated in his latest EP “4 Flores”, co-produced with the talented producer Genís Trani. Furthermore, we have seen him in his latest successful singles with luxury collaborations such as “Stay Homa” collaborating with the renowned artists “Stay Homas” (getting more than 6 million plays), or “My Driver” with Biga Ranx, one of the most respected figures of French hiphop/ragga, or “Minotauro”, produced by Griffi, a living legend and one of the fundamental pillars of the history of national Hip Hop, with whom he also performed at Cruïlla 2021 Festival. All this confirms that Sr. Wilson is on the top of his career, active, evolving and updated, fresh and personal and undoubtedly one of the most interesting artists of the moment.

All of this has been preceded by ten years of hard work and projecting as an artist with his first three albums (2012, 2015 and 2017), attracting the attention of the whole scene with his unique sound and the freshness of the sonority. He also performed at Viñarock, Rototom Sunsplash, Cabo de Plata, Etnosur, BAM, Lagata Reggae Festival, and also in many Catalan towns. Definitely Sr. Wilson is showing us he has still a lot to offer.



Saturday 8, 11:00h

Long and blissful experience fused with music, to the listener the fruits and the flavors of the trip. Magical journey through the frequencies sacred to Mother Earth: liquid music flow that moves freely through the soul, cleanse the Heart.

To Play is to Listen.


Sábado 8, 12:30h

Cucumba is the alter ego of a well-known DJ in Spain, the most “latin and danceable” version of his long career, where he focuses on alternative and energetic sounds ranging from cumbia, swing or Balkan music with electronic touches. Entertaining and upbeat sessions where it will be impossible to stay still.


Saturday 8, 14,30h

Las hijas de la cumbia began in 2012 to feed the souls of their followers with the joy and power of cumbia. Their sessions are a journey through Latin America, through its culture, through mother earth, through the native peoples, but above all a journey through the spirit of cumbia, its origins and its rhythms, making it the ritual basis of their parties and celebrations.

Colombian cumbia, dub cumbia, electrocumbia, cumbia villera, cumbia chicha come together in a sound and visual experience that resists the passage of time with rebellious dances and reinvents itself continuously, just like las Hijas de la Cumbia.


Sábado 8, 16:00h

Lia Kali, offers a repertoire of her own songs and versions that marked her, accompanied by Kevin Lisbona on Guitar, her live show transmits passion, pain and authenticity.


Sábado 8, 17:30h

When it comes to Reggae, European vocalists Emeterians produce some of the best, top quality new music; their classic format putting them on a par with Reggae greats, hence they have played and collaborated alongside international artists such as The Wailers, Brinsley Forde, Steel Pulse, Alpha Blondy, Clinton Fearon, Kymani Marley…

Madrid is home to Emeterians. After more than 17 years in the business (formed 2004) their musical versatility combined with a unique approach to the craft has resulted in Emeterians becoming Spain’s pre-eminent vocal trio.

Emeterians: Brother Wildman, Sister Maryjane and Maga Lion have taken the unusual step of sharing lead vocals and harmonies, each singer having unique vocal qualities that complement their plethora of tracks. Between them they covered multiple genres however were drawn to Reggae music because it reflects their true beliefs and is in alignment with their spirit. Their very name, ‘Emeterians’ is a tribute to Emeterio’s Rehearsal Rooms – holding special memories and a place in their hearts. Musically, through a combination of styles- Roots, Dub, New Roots and Revival Reggae, Emeterians successfully generate an original Jamaican flavour. The trio maximise this by executing their songs in different ways. They enjoy working/performing in various formats including; 4/5-piece bands- especially The Forward Ever Band, sound systems, live dub and acoustic sessions.

Notable Achievements: Emeterians have been at the forefront of reggae music since their conception, performing at the best clubs, live music events and making media appearances. During the past decade, Emeterians have been influential in raising the profile of reggae and popularising it both within Spain and across Europe, leading to an impressive record of international festival appearances. Included are: Reeds Open Air, Mount Zion Festival, Foundation Reggae Festival and Rototom Sunsplash – the biggest European Festival where all the top artists perform.

The Emeterians felt very blessed to play at the festival twice, in 2008 and 2011, and to win the Spanish contest (a part of the festival). In August 2019 they will be appearing on the main stage in Benicassim at the climax of this prestigious event, an opportunity to share their music with a huge crowd. They were also winners of ‘Best band’ in the ‘World Music,’ ‘La Noche en Vivo,’ (Madrid) contest on two recent occasions and awarded first place in the Tetuan Festival – renouncing their prize to give another artist the opportunity to record an EP. Whilst appreciating their achievements, Emeterians are more concerned with spreading their message of love and unity across generations worldwide.



Sunday 9, 11:00h

Originally from Bogota, based in Barcelona, Sonikgroove is a music producer, composer and DJ whose sound combines organic elements of traditional Afro-Latin folk with electronic music, creating timeless and exotic soundscapes.

In his sets he breaks boundaries, taking the listener on an unpredictable journey around the world with his delicate way of uniting cultures through music. Playing with a wide and colourful variety of genres, he spontaneously transforms the dancefloor atmosphere into a vibrant celebration.

Throughout his career he has performed on various stages, clubs, cultural centres and festivals in Europe and Latin America, highlighting festivals such as: Tribal Gathering (Panama), Borgo Universo (Italy), Own Spirit (Spain) and Primavera Sound (Spain).

He is also the founder and co-host of two of the best World Electronic parties in Barcelona, Gozalow and Ritmo Nativo respectively.

What genres of music does he play in his sets?

Afro House, Afro Disco, Brazilian Beats, Electro Cumbia, Oriental Grooves, Organic House, Folktronica, Downtempo.

Who has he shared the stage with?

With bands like Chico Trujillo, Systema Solar, Celso Piña, Gaiteros de San Jacinto, Meridian Brothers, Sonido Gallo Negro, Sidestepper, Carmelo Torres, Puerto Candelaria and DJs/Producers like Nickodemus, Dengue Dengue Dengue Dengue, Barrio Lindo and Yeahman among others.


Sunday 9, 12:30h

Colombian from Barranquilla, she drinks from the “picotera” (soundsystem) culture of her native city, where Latin rhythms fuse assiduously with African rhythms. She began her musical adventure in the French scene and is now based in Barcelona, where you can hear her in Palo Alto Market, Monumental, Hotel Pulitzer, different venues in Barcelona and festivals such as Fira de Tàrrega, Pirineos Sur, Rototom, among others, always with a lot of flavour and creating rumba.


Sunday 9, 14:00h

Dj Rambla, popular DJ of the Catalan scene with many performance all over the country, resident of well-known venue Mama Mandawa and member of Suruma Sound System.

Dj Rambla has been able to make a spot for himself in the cannabis scene for having a strain with his name. In his record bag he has a great variety of exclusive tracks from important reggae artists (General Levy, Skarra Mucci, Morodo among others) naming Dj Rambla and his beloved plant.

He has also won a Cannabis Cup and usually performs at tradeshows, competitions and Cannabis Clubs.

His sets are always active and fun and he focuses on reggae but showing little hints of Rap, Jungle, Balkan or Electro-Swing among other styles.


Sunday 9, 15:30h

Currently, Pulmón Beatbox is one of Spain’s topbeatboxers. He managed to move ten thousand people at Viñarock festival with his voice alone. This all-terrain artist not only performs acapella: with the help of loops and effects he can transform his voice into electro-organic songs that come straight out of his imagination.

His shows are an explosive mix of music and performance that make any stage explode.

Thanks to this, he has received several awards and has collected a long list of performances in Spain, France, Mexico, Algeria, Russia, Italy, Germany and Holland. He is currently working with Rapsusklei and Kundala.


Top 8 World Loopstation – Beatbox Battle World Champs 2018

Winner of the Lormont Beatbox Battle 2018

Spanish Beatbox Champion of Spain 2017 loopstation category

Showman Award of the Spanish Beatbox Battle 2017 

Best Tour of 2017 – Origami Tour Rapsusklei

Winner of the Boss Loop Contest Iberica 2011


Sunday 9, 17:00h

Sharin Skank is a music lover based in La Floresta (Barcelona). She likes to embrace different musical styles, focusing especially on very electronic and tribal rhythms, including reggae, stepper, among others.  

Passionate about powerful bases, she shapes in her sessions strong rhythms with a very special message and energy.  She also has some exclusive productions of international singers and producers. 


Sunday 9, 17:30h

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