World cbd conferences



Clinical practice with CBD: Are we looking at a cosmetic, an OTC or a medicine?

Presentation on the uses of CBD in clinical practice, based on the experience of nearly 10 years of Kalapa Clinic activity and a vision of product formats and their ways of administration.

Speaker: Mery Peña (Kalapa Clinic)


Hemp: growing, science and re-evolution.

The hemp sector hides the potential to transform the industry of the 21st century. In this conference we will explore the impact that hemp can have from an agricultural point of view to a specific case of valorization of by-products for textile applications.

Speakers: Esaú Rodriguez, Diana Cayuela & Joan-Marc Moreu (moderador)


Myths and legends: High temperatures do not increase THC concentrations in CBD cannabis cultivation

The cultivation of Cannabis sativa L. (marijuana and industrial hemp) is surrounded by legends. One of the most influential is: "High temperatures cause cannabis to produce more THC/CBD...". After two years of field trials we have observed how this is not the case.

Speaker: Massimiliano Salami “drgrow” (Italy)


CBD and hemp extracts: Regulatory status and market opportunities 

This conference will focus on the state of play of CBD regulations in Europe, especially in France following the Kanavape case, as well as the different initiatives underway to develop the sector (European ringtest, definition of a harmonized and standardized norm for cannabinoids with AFNOR, etc.). 

 Speakers: Ludovic Rachou (France) & Zoé Demange (France)


The Kanavape case and Regulation in the EU CBD Industry

In 2014 Kanavape was the first CBD electronic vape pen to come in the EU market. When its launched was made in France, the French minister of health (Marisol Tourraine) extremely mad and declared that she will use all her power to stop this product. After 7 years of court case from Marseille to the European court of Justice in Luxembourg, Sebastien Beguerie who was finally find innocent and CBD has been declared to be legal and not be a narcotic which by default can be now trade freely among UE member states. From the Kanavape's case, in December 2021, France has made a new law to allow all derivates CBD product to be sell on its territory.

Speakers: Sébastien Béguerie (France)

18:00 CBD Champions Cup Awards ceremony


Medical application of CBD

In this talk we will discuss about specific questions that patients have sent to Dr. Caudevilla's medical office. In addition, we will go deeper into some of the most common forms of CBD use in medical practice, as well as demystify some of the most widespread “popular uses”.

Speakers: Fernando Caudevilla & Raúl del Pino (moderator)


CBD: A medicine for everything?

This talk will begin with a review of the philobotanical history of CBD to then analyze the evidence on its medical uses, how to use it, the risks and benefits associated with its consumption and the precautions that must be taken in specific groups.

Speaker: Jose Carlos Bouso

Neuropsychological effects of CBD

CBD appears to have anxiolytics and antipsychotics properties, but its psychological effects have not been studied in depth. In this talk we will address its neuropsychological effects and present the results of the most recent studies in the area.

Speaker: Alberto Sainz


Analysis of the Comprehensive Cannabis Regulation Law of Unidas Podemos

A special look at non-psychoactive cannabis.

In this talk we will analyze in depth, in political and technical terms, the Proposal for the Comprehensive Regulation and Control of Cannabis in Adult People, with the Deputy who leads the initiative and the coordinator of the legislative design group and editor of the same. This Law Proposal registered by the Confederal Group of Unidas Podemos - En Comú Podem - Galicia en Común in the Congress, comprehensively regulates the complete cycle of production and access to cannabis. A special look will be given to the fit within the Law Proposal, of the non-psychoactive cannabis and the products derived from it

Speakers: Lucía Muñoz, Bernardo Soriano Guzmán  & Virginia Montañés (moderator)