World cbd conferences


Zoé Demange

Zoé Demange is the General Delegate of UIVEC. After having worked in European public affairs, she has been working for two years in public and regulatory affairs related to CBD and other hemp extracts. She oversees a large number of projects of high relevance to the sector, such as the definition of a standardized and harmonized method of analysis for cannabinoids.

Alberto Sainz

Graduated in Psychology from the University of Valencia, Research Master in Neuroscience from the VU Amsterdam and predoctoral candidate in Psychopharmacology of cannabinoids from the UOC. He has collaborated in various research projects on genetics, physiological and neurocognitive effects of cannabis and its medicinal properties. He currently collaborates with the ICEERS foundation on projects related to medicinal cannabis.

Ludovic Rachou

Ludovic Rachou is the President of UIVEC. Entrepreneur, he has created several companies, the latest being Rainbow three years ago. Rainbow’s mission is to improve people's well-being by formulating CBD-based products and other hemp extracts. Since then, Ludovic has always been committed to the development and structuring of the hemp extracts market and has a long history of working with authorities on hemp regulations, both at French and European level.

Joan-Marc Moreu

Graduated in Industrial Engineering, with extensive experience in the creation of business projects, co-founding partner of Hemp and Love S.L., a company founded in 2017 and dedicated to the exploitation of industrial hemp with special emphasis on the production of fabrics and derived products for the textile and sustainable fashion sectors.

José Carlos Bouso

José Carlos Bouso is a clinical psychologist and doctor in Pharmacology. He is scientific director of ICEERS, where he coordinates studies on the potential benefits of psychoactive plants, mainly cannabis, ayahuasca and ibogaine.

Mery Peña

As part of the Kalapa Clinic medical team, she is specialized in the use of cannabinoids in chronic pathologies and women´s diseases. Graduated in General Medicine from the U.N. of Colombia, and collegiate in Barcelona, and postgraduate studies on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Member of the Board of Directors of the Clinical Society of Endocannabinology.

Massimiliano Salami

Massimiliano Salami is a writer, author of the book Cannabis sativa L., contributor to Cannabis Magazine, and researcher on cannabis cultivation. Graduated in mathematics, he is a technician in management of agricultural companies with extensive experience as a breeder. Diploma in biological control, specialist and pioneer in the integrated management of pests in the cultivation of Cannabis sativa L. with 25 years of professional experience in the sector. Currently, he also works as an agricultural advisor in industrial hemp crops.

Fernando Caudevilla

Family doctor. Medicine Specialist. University expert in drug addiction. He combines his assistance activity as a family doctor in the Public Health Service, with different research, dissemination, training and direct patient care activities in fields such as chemsex, new drugs, crypto markets and therapeutic cannabis, among other fields.

Raúl del Pino

He studied Psychology at the UNED in the mid 90s since his great passion was the modified states of consciousness and psychedelics as tools of personal growth and transcendence. In 1996 he created the first website in Spanish dedicated to drugs. Since then he has been committed to informing, in a realistic and objective way, about the topic of psychoactive substances. He is currently responsible for the digital área of Feria del Cáñamo.

Bernardo Soriano

Law degree from the Complutense University of Madrid with a master's degree in Criminal Law from ICAM. He is a practicing lawyer and co-director of the S&F Law Firm, a firm specialized in matters related to cannabis in all its aspects. He has worked for the last twelve years in favor of the regulation of cannabis. He is the spokesperson for the Responsible Regulation Platform and has been the coordinator of the legislative design team and the drafter of the Proposal for the Comprehensive Regulation and Control of Cannabis in Adults Law, registered in the Congress.

Lucía Muñoz

Born in Palma in 1993. Graduated in Political Science from the Carlos III University of Madrid and a master's degree in International Cooperation from the Complutense University of Madrid. After finishing her studies, she returned to the island and worked as a project technician in an NGO until she stood in the general elections. She is currently a deputy in Congress, and among other responsibilities, she leads the issue of cannabis regulation in the Unidas Podemos parliamentary group.

Virginia Montañés

Journalist, social anthropologist and naturopath. For more than two decades, she has worked as a researcher in the field of drug policy. He has coordinated the Study Commission for the Regulation of Cannabis in Andalusia (CERCA) and the ENCOD section in Spain. She currently runs the Centro Karissa comprehensive health center ( and is a regular contributor to El Cultivador.

Esaú Rodriguez

Esaú Rodríguez [M] (Dpl) Senior consultant in hemp business. CEO of Ibercanem Sl, Ibergreen Drying Solutions SL, and Organic Hemp Farmer. Diplomaed in Geology by Universidad Complutense of Madrid, entrepreneur with specialisation in environmental conservation and scientific dissemination with special expertise defining and creating sustainable business models. With 9 years experience in the specific sector of hemp, is one of the “key persons” related to the rebirthing of hemp industries in Spain in XXI century.

Diana Cayuela

Diana Cayuela, Dr. in Chemical Sciences and Professor at the Polytechnique University of Catalonia (UPC) in undergraduate, master's and doctoral textile studies. She has been working with both animal and vegetable natural fibres for over 30 years. For the past 8 years she has been studying both textile hemp and the use of hemp by-products to obtain the highest textile fibre qualities.