Life® is a CBD brand that was established in 2017 with the aim of offering a premium product that meets the highest quality standards, in a sector that was just beginning its journey on the market and that was characterized, precisely, by uncertainty and little confidence that the rest of the brands present at that time aroused in consumers.

Thanks to the good reception that its first products had, Life® gradually expanded its catalog and made its way into the market until it managed to position itself as a reference brand within the CBD sector.

Formed by a young, disruptive and qualified team, and with first class facilities and equipment, Life® seeks excellence in all its processes and to be at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Life® is quality, Life® is innovation, Life® is trust.

Not Life. Not CBD.


Swiss Organic Partners AG (SWOPA) is a pioneering Swiss company in the organic cultivation,
extraction, production and distribution of derivatives of the hemp plant. We have a cultivable area
in Switzerland of 150,000 sq meters and we have been dedicated to certified organic cultivation for
more than 25 years and over 10 years in the cannabis sector applied to health and well-being.

With offices and warehouses in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, we can ship within 24 hours with
absolute confidence.

We market all our products under our ALPINOLS line and as a White Label for all customers who
want to label with their own brand.

We offer a complete “turnkey” service with labeling and packaging included so that the client only
has to put their products up for sale without worrying about anything else.

We are Bio Suisse certified, the highest Swiss accreditation for 100% organic crops free of
pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals and other toxics. We make available to the relevant
authorities and our customers all the certified analytics (CoA) as well as the Material Safety Data
Sheets (MSDS), product specifications (PS) and any documentation related to our products that
may be required to verify traceability thereof.

Our cosmetic line is duly registered in the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP) and our
Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and special oils are also registered in the CPNP as Oral Care
Cosmetics, being suitable to be left in the mouth thus allowing a more direct and rapid action of
the product. All our White Label clients are authorized to label their products as oral care
cosmetics, following our labeling and packaging instructions.

Completely natural extracts of EU certified varieties hemp plants that we use to make:
1.- Full Spectrum oils (THC<0.2%) of the highest quality available.
2.- Broad Spectrum oils (without THC). All the elements of a Full Spectrum but we remove
the THC by Flash Chromatography.
3.- Special oils with different botanicals and specific formulations given by clients.
4.- Cosmetics with NATRUE / COSMOS certification.
5.- CBG and CBD 99% pure isolates, lyophilized and organic certified
6.- Waxes, distillates and pure extracts from our organic biomass
7.- Standard 10ml, 30ml and 1Liter formats and tailored made volumes
8.- MOQ and prices tailored to the client. Total flexibility thanks to not depending on third
parties at any stage of production.

You can find us here:



THE CBD SIDE is a company specialized in all types of products related to hemp in general, and CBD in particular. A project devised by different people linked to the cannabis sector in Barcelona that was born in 2018 in a small store in Barceloneta and which today is one of the most important national CBD companies and with a greater projection.

With a value proposition linked to quality, THE CBD SIDE seeks to bring cannabis closer to the whole of society, relating it to a healthy lifestyle, with well-being and quality of life fleeing from classical stereotypes. The goal is to break the social barrier that prevents cannabis from reaching as many people as possible in any of its formats. And it is clear that it is positive for people from many points of view. Lowering anxiety levels, falling asleep or relaxing after a hard day are some examples.

For cases where the need for consumption is due to a major medical problem, the collaboration with a team of doctors offers technical and professional advice at the level of what each patient needs.

THE CBD SIDE has no roof today. With 8 physical shops (in Barcelona, Girona, Badalona, Figueres or Castelldefels) which started between 4 walls at the classic fishing district of Barcelona grows in a solid and organic way, based on a hybrid business model:

  • Own shops
  • Franchises
  • Ecommerce
  • Distributing

Different professionalized areas within the company provide answers and solutions to the needs of the customer network.

THE CBD SIDE has a range of products governed by three concepts present in all of them.

  • High quality
  • Cannabis in general and CBD in particular
  • Health, well-being and life quality

Thus, THE CBD SIDE has achieved the recognition of customers, users and professionals in the sector. Proof of this are the awards as the 2019 Harvest Cup to the best CBD flower at the Regadera 2021 Awards that recognized our job with medical cannabis in the past Spannabis 2022.

Cannactiva is a project born out of the love for misunderstood nature. Based in Barcelona and with 6 years of activity, we are a pioneering company in the CBD industry, both in Spain and Europe, championing excellence and concern for the environment as a philosophy.

Our experience and knowledge of the various uses of hemp are reflected in the diversity of our catalog, which ranges from industrial cannabis rich in CBD to cosmetics, physiotherapy or nutrition. We develop our products together with specialists with decades of experience, and we make all our them using the most respectful processes with the plant, thus obtaining one of the best CBD in Europe.

We only sell products that we would like to buy, always offering the best quality at very competitive prices, and putting all our love into them, from the seed to the final result. In addition, we work consciously with our environment, so our hemp starts from certified organic seeds and comes from local, ecological and sustainable crops.

We aspire to make the lives of the people who use our products a little better, so we take into account each and every detail to offer an experience focused on enjoyment and relaxation. If you have ever tried our products, you will know what we are talking about. If not, we are waiting for you at the CBD Hemp Fair in October 2022!

We created the Sensitive CBD project at the end of 2017, becoming the first store specializing in CBD and medical Cannabis products in Barcelona.

As pioneers in this sector, our daily work is based on spreading and informing about the therapeutic benefits of the Cannabis Sativa plant and the different cannabinoids that make it up, especially Cannabidiol.

We work with the highest quality raw material. Only hemp grown here, with the best sun and with the collaboration of the most experienced farmers. Each harvest is processed in state-of-the-art laboratories, following the most rigorous processes, analyzing each batch to ensure maximum purity and homogeneity in each of the products you buy at Sensitive CBD. 

Our physical stores are carefully located and designed to bring to the neighborhood an exclusive space where to buy the best CBD and hemp products, with the attention, help and recommendation of our experts.

Who are we?

Weedness CBD is a company in the CBD sector founded in 2020, offering premium quality products in order to help as many people as possible who are looking for harmony and wellness for their body and mind, using natural and safe products. We offer products from different lines, formulated and elaborated with different amounts of cannabinoids, terpenes and other essential ingredients to satisfy the different needs of our customers. At Weedness CBD we allocate a large amount of our profits to support the world of sport, because we believe that sport and CBD go hand in hand and are two fundamental pillars for a healthy life.

Philosophy and values

Our most important value is HONESTY.

WEEDNESS CBD products are designed for customers who are looking for excellence in quality and results from a product with the utmost care.

Created under expert supervision, our products aim to help by taking care of every essential aspect. We offer only premium quality, fully legal, certified and THC-free products to ensure maximum customer safety.

The main objective of Spannabis is to support the growing industry of hemp and its derivatives. This sector has thousands of references in terms of products ranging from the textile or cosmetic sector to the industrial sector: important exhibitions, clothing and apparel samples, cosmetic products, construction materials, food and beverage products, etc. Spannabis also has a large representation of companies that manufacture or distribute products and fertilizers for cultivation and handling. More than 2,000 professionals and 600 companies exhibiting their products and services have made Spannabis Barcelona an international benchmark and the European fair par excellence in the hemp sector.

One of the main activities carried out at the fair is to inform about medicinal or therapeutic cannabis through information stands and conferences given by various doctors, scientists, psychologists, researchers from different fields, jurists and writers dedicated to the study of cannabis.

Over the last few years, the number of sick people who have come to the fair to learn about the therapeutic use of cannabis has grown to 40% of the visitors. The informative actions on the use of medical cannabis are carried out under the most rigorous criteria endorsed by different medical and scientific studies. There is also a space created to inform about the reduction of risks associated with cannabis consumption by NGOs such as ABD, declared of Public Utility, or projects such as Energy Control.

The attendance of great personalities from the legal field, the participation of leading scientists, as well as politicians and activists driven by the fight for legalization and responsible consumption, are factors that add up to important achievements at a social level. The World Cannabis Conferences have been the great attraction and the main added value of Spannabis.

After its last edition in 2022, Spannabis reaffirms itself as the world’s reference fair, and promises to be at the same level for its next edition in 2023.

Global Hemp Guide has become one of the main online search engines for the Cannabis industry worldwide, helping to generate business relationships between members of the cannabis community around the world.

With more than 4,000 registered companies, including growshops, associations, distributors, manufacturers, seed banks, medical cannabis, industrial hemp, consultancies and specialized media.

Become part of this flourishing community and generate new contacts through www.globalhempguide.com

Cannabis Magazine is a monthly magazine that evolves itself around cannabis and everything that derives from it. Our fields of interest include activism, culture and current affairs, as well as legal, scientific, industrial and political aspects related to the world of cannabis and other plants and controlled substances. In addition, we have not lost our essence, and we continue to publish articles on self-cultivation that are highly topical.

We are not fundamentalists of any cause and we try to approach the cannabis phenomenon without Manichaeism, offering an honest work that amplifies the voice of the cannabis culture in our country.

During the seventeen years that Cannabis Magazine has been active, we have not stopped growing, and nowadays we have consolidated in the sector thanks to multidisciplinary collaborations of the highest quality. In addition, the good work has led us to create a digital edition (cannabismagazine.es) that has more than 300,000 monthly visits.

In spite of everything, the main nutrient that feeds Cannabis Magazine is the confidence that we receive from our readers and professionals of the sector throughout the national territory.

El Cultivador was born in 2012 with the intention of satisfying a need in the sector: to professionalize cultivation in a free publication.

After years of effort and exhaustive work, we have created a quality newspaper that is already helping to spread the culture and energize the market around our friendly plant.

You can find the physical version of El Cultivador at the usual points of distribution on a trimestral manner (March, June, September and December) and the rest of the months you can enjoy the virtual version, following the same quality standards, on our web: elcultivador.com.

Thanks to El Cultivador you will be aware of the latest trends in cultivation and have the best information about the world of cannabis.

We have the support of many companies, an important team and the collaboration of prestigious writers that make El Cultivador the best cannabis newspaper in Spain.